Grab Russell and Kimora’s Famous NJ Crib

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Want to see how the other half lives or even own a piece of that lavish lifestyle? Head up to the former home of Russell and Kimora Simmons in Saddle River, New Jersey this Friday and Saturday -- they're selling the house and everything in it.

You can take home their Versace bed for $200,000. If that's a little steep, how about the $2,000 pillow?

"It was lavish," Tomi Ogundayo told The Record, after the Pennsylvania teen toured the estate with a couple of her friends.

"The house is big. . .It can be intimidating. There are [statues and pictures of] lions everywhere. It shows a lot about her character," Ogundayo said.

This is the mansion featured on MTV's "Cribs," although it's "sparse compared to its glory days," according to the report.

Other items up for grabs include:

  • $200,000 painting by Faith Ringgold, "The Dinner Quilt."
  • $20,000 bronze lions.
  • $7,500 red and blue Versace chairs.
  • $5,000 chaise lounge.
  • $3 coffee mugs.

If you go, you might even get a glimpse of the rich and famous. Ogundayo swears she saw Kimora in a part of the house that wasn't open to the public, and a woman who lives in the same exclusive Fox Hedge neighborhood -- Nina Bernhardt -- says she ran into Kimora's mom.

"It's quite a house," Bernhardt said. She used to see Russell and Kimora walking down the street when the couple lived there before their divorce. "Kimora has some beautiful accessories. . .The selections are good."

The house itself is selling for $13.9 million, a huge discount from the original asking price of $23.8 million.

The sale started Thursday and ends Saturday.

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