Rotisseur's Muffins Are Fluffiest Ever

Aaron Matzkin, executive chef and co-owner of the brand new Rotisseur (located at 21st and Chestnut streets), has dedicated himself to providing Philly with the tastiest hormone and antibiotic-free rotisserie chicken. As with any big ol' plate of fowl, the sides are as important as the featured bird, and Matzkin has a sure handle on the cornbread.

"I like a soft, fluffy and moist cornbread, which is why I make muffins here," said Matzkin. "The secret ingredient that gives them the focused corn taste and airy texture is a housemade corn milk."

Matzkin, along with co-owner Dean Kitagawa, will have a rotating menu depending on the season, but the chicken will stay on at all times.

"Our sides are all homemade here, from the potato salad to the crispy kale chips," said Matzkin.

We absolutely love the crunchy kale chips, and suggest those salty treasures be paired with the corn muffins Matzkin makes in the video above. Matzkin mentioned they are prepared to sell them by the dozen if people ask. Their addictive pop-a-bility is sure to produce more than a few tickets in the window asking for a bevy of the sweet take-home delights. [The Feast]

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