‘Role Models:' A Film You Can Look Up To

In the film, “Role ModelsPaul Rudd and Sean William Scott play best friends who are forced to do a community service stint after recklessly totaling their company’s truck and defacing public property.

Let the funny begin. The community service institution is called Sturdy Wings, a camp where delinquent young children get big brothers who are meant to foster (and be role models) for them. The whole thing is run by ex-drug addict, Gale Sweeny, (Jane Lynch, amazingly hilarious), who seems to be just as batty straight-laced as she was when she was on drugs. The two boys assigned to Wheeler and Danny are emotional wrecks. Augie is a nerdy teenager who dresses in knight clothing and re-enacts battle sequences at a nearby park and Ronnie is like a 12 year-old version of Chris Rock, making false accusations of child molestation for kicks and spouting profane language every time his mouth opens.

All of the actors work very well together. Scott and Rudd nicely play off the odd couple angle, Wheeler, the eternal partier, and Danny, the cynical straight edge. Their chemistry is effective and each of them is funny in their own way. Scott could play the aging jock character in his sleep, but there’s a sweetness and likability he brings to the role. Rudd, who makes negativity seem endearing, is right on when it comes to comedic timing. Kudos must also be given to the younger actors Bobb’e J. Thompson and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (McLovin’ from Superbad), who practically steal the show.

David Wain, making his first mainstream attempt at comedy does adhere to popular Judd Apatow mold of filmmaking, but he is certainly unique. His wacky and sardonic touches can certainly be felt throughout the film. Moreover, Wain has also successfully crafted an extremely funny R-rated comedy with universal appeal. A crowd pleaser with a lot of heart, “Role Models” has the makings of a huge hit.

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