Rodarte for Opening Ceremony Launches

When design-forward label Rodarte debuted its Spring 2011 collection, many commented on how the designers seemed to have taken a bit more retail-friendly, wearable approach. The pieces were avant-garde, but seemed more wearable than their regular high-fashion fare, and indeed retailers responded favorably -- Net-a-Porter even picked up the label for the first time.

Now the Mulleavy sisters -- the designers behind Rodarte -- have taken another huge step in line with retail in launching a massive capsule collection with It-retailer Opening Ceremony. The brand has done pieces for the New York-based chain in the past -- including Je T'Aime Rodarte T-shirts -- but the latest offering includes a whopping 144 pieces, all available for sale or pre-order online, including accessories like sunglasses, platform heels, and even handbags. There are even a few swimsuits in the mix.

Considering the variety of the pieces and the lower price points -- to be sure, the capsule is overall expensive, but nowhere near the six-to-seven-figure tags of the main Rodarte line -- it seems clear the designers behind Rodarte are flexing their muscles a bit in trying some new things to see what sells. To be sure, there are still the signature Rodarte eyebrow-raisers -- $290 button-off leggings? -- but overall the collection skews towards the wearable. The Mulleavys have long been attached to Opening Ceremony (indeed, the store has been one of the few online sources for Rodarte for some time), so it seems a safe playpen in which to experiment.

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