Rod & Stevie Crank the Hits

Appearing in a double-bill last night as part of their Heart & Soul Tour, aging rockers Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks thrilled the capacity Wells Fargo crowd with a series of hits from their heyday.

Nicks, who opined in an interview just before the tour began that Stewart was "…not a rehearser," was joined by the frosty-haired former Faces frontman for a duet on "Leather & Lace", and the two performers -- who wouldn't seem to have terribly much in common other than the median age of their fan demographic -- seemed to enjoy their time together.

Whatever the reason for the pairing, it worked for the fans well enough, even earning the praise of a particular Philly DJ well versed in getting a crowd going. At any rate, one thing was made clear by the end of the night: an inordinate number of very vocal women still think the 66-year-old, eight-time father Rod remains plenty "sexy".

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