Roasted Monkfish

Roasted Monkfish with Baby Root vegatables, Meyer Lemon Brown Butter
Provided by: Chef Georges Perrier


4 oz of Jumbo monkfish fillet
1 tbl canola oil
2 tbl butter
2 Meyer lemons, segmented
1 tbl parsley chiffonade
4 ea baby carrots
4 ea breakfast radish
4 ea baby turnip
Extra virgin olive oil
1 cup chicken stock

Peel all of the vegetable but keep them separate. In three separate small pots divide the chicken stock and add the separate veggies to the separate pots. Season with salt and white pepper and add 1 tbl of evoo to each pot. Bring the pots up to a simmer and cook slowly for 5 min, or until just tender. In a cast iron sauté pan on medium high heat add the canola oil to cover the base of the pan. Right when it begins to simmer add the monkfish fillet. Sear on all sides for color. Add the butter and baste the fish until cooked through. Remove the fish from the pan and add the segmented lemon. Finish the sauce with the parsley. Drain off the root veg. In a shallow bowl place the warm root vegetable, top with the monkfish and drizzle the brown butter lemon sauce around.  

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