No Road Rage Here

Philly ranks among nations most courteous drivers.

Philadelphia? Courteous?  Really?

A new survey ranked Philadelphia seventh on the list of the Top 10 Most Courteous U.S. Cities when it comes to driving.

Curiously, this came out around the same time that Philadelphians ranked sixth in Allstate’s poll of the worst drivers.

The AutoVantage 2009 Road Rage Survey looked at the two main causes for road rage, which were angry and aggressive driving. Angry driving was classified as overreacting and losing one’s temper, while aggressive driving included cutting into lanes, tailgating and speeding.

Portland, Ore. claimed the number one spot as the city with the most courteous drivers. But Philly wasn’t far behind.

Philadelphia drivers were among the least likely to cut into lanes without signaling, according to the survey. Doesn’t that directly contradict Allstate’s findings?

So even if Allstate said we crash a lot at least we probably handled the incidents in a respectful manner.

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