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Before Casino Closes, ‘REV-L” Sign Comes Partially Down

Someone Damages 'R' before workers remove 'E'

On the day that the once heralded Revel casino closed its hotel for good, the sign in front of the monstrous Atlantic City resort was damaged.

NBC10’s Matt DeLucia snapped a photo of the metal “R” in the “REVEL” sign partially torn off -- the screw exposed from the stone base. The “E” next to it also appeared to be bent and vandalized.

The casino -- a facility that cost about $2.4 billion to build -- is set to close for good Tuesday (the hotel closed Monday), and It wasn’t clear who was originally responsible for the damaged letters.

No one from the casino would comment on what caused the damage to the sign on the boardwalk side of the resort Monday morning. Spokeswoman Lisa Johnson said that security on site would prevent any looting.

And, Atlantic City Police said they weren’t aware of any theft reports at the resort.

Workers came out later in morning and removed the second “E” in “REVEL” but then left the other letter up. Tourists even began to line up to take photos with the ravaged remains of “REV-L.”

The casino will close at 5 a.m. Tuesday leaving hundreds of workers out of a job.

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