A Little Retail Therapy is Just Want the Doc Ordered

After a harsh winter, we can all use a little TLC -- and some new clothes for the upcoming season.

Head to The Omni Hotel at Independence Park and shop ‘til you drop.

The Hotel, located on 401 Chestnut St., has a new Retail Therapy Package that they’ve recently introduced to the already hot, European-styled hotel and you’ll be treated to the finest that Philly has to offer.

Included in each package you’ll find an Envirosax bag, which is used by celebs like Jessica Alba and Jennifer Garner, a Laura Mercier lipstick, luxurious accommodations during your stay and champagne -- you’ll be sipping while you get your shop on.

This isn’t the kind of therapy you find at a doctor’s office, but they'll probably recommend you try this.

Before arriving to The Omni, the hotel’s concierge will give your cell a ring informing you of a personalized shopping itinerary that was created just for you. 

Taking care of the ladies is probably one of the reasons The Omni Hotel was named one of the World’s Best Hotels in January, according to Travel and Leisure Magazine

But seriously, what more can a fashion-conscious gal and the rest of her girlfriends ask for right before the sun starts shining and we’re officially through with the cold?

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