Replicating The Royal Wedding

Sarah Kudlack is the creative lady behind Events by Sarah Elizabeth. Having planned tons of weddings, bat mitzvahs, even film festival parties, she's got the whole make-it-yours thing down pat. Kudlack specializes in the hip, unique wedding, incorporating the very latest in fashion, art, botany and design into her planning. The Feast caught up with her recently to get some sound advice on after parties, first dance songs, and, of course, her thoughts on the royal wedding.

What has been your most creatively satisfying wedding?
For me, the most creatively satisfying weddings are when brides have an interest in doing Do-It-Yourself projects.There are so many options out there on how to create unique details for weddings, it's fun to pull them all together and see them come to fruition on the wedding day. I also LOVE creative themes! Not just your typical "nautical" theme, but maybe a bride and groom that love antique books and using that as a focus throughout the design of the wedding.

What inspires you and influences your events?

I love looking through blogs for inspiration. It seems that everyday I stumble across a new blog with great inspiration. There are so many creative people out there that didn't have an outlet to express themselves. Google Reader, Stumble Upon, Pinterest: these are my weaknesses. I can become completely immersed in blogs and look at the clock and hours have passed.I have to set time limits for myself.

Do brides tend to relinquish control to you? What works best?
The thing that works for me is sitting down with the couple and determining what their schedule allows and how involved they'd like to be. Sometimes a couple just wants to walk down the aisle and leave everything up to me. Other couples are very hands-on and want to be involved in every aspect and just look to me for an extra opinion. Either way, as long as the couple is happy on their wedding day, it is satisfying.

What are your thoughts on the royal wedding? How do you imagine it’s being planned? How would you plan it?
Oh, the Royal Wedding, I could talk about it for days. I grew up with my mom being obsessed with Princess Diana, so the Royals have always been a not-so-secret obsession of mine. What I'm loving about the Royal Wedding is all of the wedding details they are legitimizing indirectly by using them, non-diamond engagement rings, wedding websites, multiple wedding day events, etc. This wedding will be replicated for years to come, brides and grooms with any budget will be using similar details in their own wedding to create their own Royal Wedding.

What do you imagine the planner is going through?
I'm sure the planner is feeling a massive amount of pressure at this time, TUMS are most likely a staple. This is a wedding that will be watched by millions live, and the photos will inundate every newsstand for weeks. That is a little scary. However, this is a huge honor as brides and grooms for years to come will attempt replicating this wedding in creating their own.

What is your favorite song for the first dance?
I love unique songs for the first dance, not the typical Garth Brooks or Michael Buble. My husband and I danced to The Pogues, "Love You 'Till the End," and we had so many people come up and say they loved our unique choice. You only get one first dance, so pick a song that has meaning to you. If it's not a mushy love song, don't worry about it, it'll be important to you and touch people because they know it has value to you.

Necessary/good form to throw an after party? How should it differ from the reception?
I don't think it's a matter of good form or not, merely a couple's preference. I definitely think it is nice to have an after party if you have a majority of your guests coming from out of town. This way, you are providing entertainment for them instead of leaving them to find something to do on their own in an unfamiliar area.

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