CAUGHT ON TAPE: Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Come on, Ed, can't a woman be successful AND have a life?!

Ed, Ed, Ed.. tsk, tsk, tsk.

Governor Ed Rendell’s doing damage control after saying Janet Napolitano is perfect for the job of Homeland Security Secretary because quote, “she has no life.”

The comments came at Tuesday’s National Governor’s conference in Philadelphia. The meeting had just ended when Rendell started talking, privately it seems, but he was up at a lectern, and the microphone was open.

Rendell, in his very matter-of-fact way, went on to spell out WHY the “she has no life” aspect was a good one:

“Janet has no family. Perfect. She can devote, literally, 19, 20 hours a day to it.”

“It’s just like being an umpire in a baseball game. You do a great job, nobody notices. You screw up, you’re dead. You’re talking about Janet’s job.”


Here’s the apology or clarification or however you want to characterize Rendell’s ‘I can see how people might think that…’ defense:

 “If you stretch it, it could be taken by some people the wrong way. I really didn't mean it the wrong way. Janet is a friend of mine.


No comment by "no life" Napolitano by Thursday afternoon, but some bloggers are having a field day:

In her home state, the Feathered Bastard writes:

Rendell's remarks "could only have been clearer had he also said, 'And she likes to wear checked sport coats and guest coach a women's pro-basketball team.' This particular implication of Rendell's remarks was only slightly more subtle than that of Kristen Wiig's mannish impersonation of Napolitano on a recent broadcast of Saturday Night Live."

Gawker, never a place for the easily offended, goes straight to the closet on Napolitano:

"We still haven't heard from confirmed bachelor Napolitano herself, but presumably she's very upset with this mildly sexist remark from a loudmouthed old white guy. But we feel she's perfect for the job too, because she's probably a closeted lesbian, and they're very industrious."
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