Red Carpet Recap: The Men of Sherlock Holmes

Some of Hollywood's hottest hit the red carpet.

The ladies of "Nine" (Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson) turned heads at their recent premieres (New York, London), and on the same scale, the men of "Sherlock Holmes" did their fair share of head turning at their New York premiere last week.

Robert Downey Jr., who plays the title character, Jude Law, who plays Dr. Watson and Guy Ritchie, the film’s director, graced the red carpet in style.

Downey, in particular, looked fetching. In a three-piece, light brown, Holmes-inspired suit. He wore a pink tie and a coordinating pocket square. He was well-dressed, but more importantly, his smile lit up the red carpet. In every picture taken – whether he was posing with cast members, or his wife, Susan – Downey looked confident and happy. His career has taken on somewhat of a “comeback,” and with a starring role in a movie that was created on such a grand scale like "Sherlock Holmes," Downey must simply be counting his blessings and enjoying the ride.

Jude Law looked very much like himself in all black with his tousled hair. He wore what seemed to be a simple black v-neck t-shirt under a black, double-breasted suit jacket with black trousers. In some photos, he is wearing a long black scarf wrapped around his neck in a rather artsy fashion. His expression was serious in most pictures, with his signature “GQ model” stare, but when caught in a candid moment, joking around with Downey, he seemed much more relaxed.

The film’s director, Guy Ritchie (Madonna’s ex-husband and director of the popular film "Snatch"), was in attendance with his son Rocco. Wearing a gray three-piece suit with a black tie and a black and gray pocket square, Ritchie looked dapper, yet a little stiffer than Downey. Ritchie’s shaven head was completely bald and he appeared to have really bulked up (maybe he is working out more now that he is not spending his life running from paparazzi). Appearing much larger than Law and Downey, he seemed to be the patriarch on the red carpet, soaking it all in and enjoying the cast and crew.

Interested in seeing Downey and Law, as well as Rachel McAdams, on screen? The film opens Christmas Day.  

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