Red Carpet Recap: The Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards

The Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards took place this weekend in Los Angeles. The purpose of this awards show is to “pay tribute to filmmakers whose individual work has contributed to the success of a movie. Recognition and celebration of outstanding creative ability to make an emotional connection with the audience lies at the heart of the award.” 2009 marked the event’s fifth year. The “Hamilton” reference is a nod to its primary sponsor, Hamilton International Ltd (Swatch). 
At this year’s event, held on Sunday, Nov. 8, the stand-out on the red carpet was actress Diane Kruger. Kruger’s look is worth a little recapping!
The German actress, formerly a model, went with a black pantsuit. The top was sleeveless, with two straps on each shoulder. The top had small, delicate black buttons that went down the front and had a black wrap belt that was part of the top. The pants looked like a twist on tuxedo pants: they were loose at the top and tapered to the ankle. Some embellishments along the outside seam gave the pants a slight shimmer. Kruger wore black closed-toe stilettos also with a little shimmer. She carried a black clutch and the only sign of jewelry was an understated bracelet (or watch? Maybe a Swatch?) on her left wrist. This year’s trend has been pants inspired by menswear and Kruger’s modern twist on a pantsuit/tuxedo pants were on-trend.
The “wow” factor of Kruger’s look was her hair. She had her hair pulled back in a low bun that had her very blonde hair wrapped around itself.  The bun was slightly askew, more to the right of her face, than straight back, which allowed photos taken on the red carpet to capture the bun, since it wasn’t hidden at the nape of her neck. Her hair looked very “old Hollywood” yet youthful, because of the off-center placement. Kruger wore minimal make-up. Her understated look made her a stand-out on Sunday night’s red carpet.

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