Red Carpet Recap: Sunday Night Football

Football and fashion don't always go hand-in-hand. Of course, when Vera Wang designed the Eagles' cheerleader outfits in 2003, that was an exception, but for all intents and purposes, football does not lend itself to red carpet chatter. But if you watch Sunday Night Football on NBC, you know that there is certainly something to talk about when it comes to fashion and the game's preshow.

Her name is Faith Hill.
For the third year in a row, Faith Hill is performing the Sunday Night Football theme song. And this year she is doing it in an outfit that hits on three major trends this fall. Here's a breakdown:
1. Little Black Sweater Dress -- Many designers and retailers from Ralph Lauren to Yves St. Laurent to Lilly Pulitzer to J. Crew are offering sweater dresses this fall, all of which are very similar in basic design to the one Hill wears. They are a solid color, very form-fitting and have very little embellisments. Hill's is ultra-short, as are most of the dresses on the market. Why? Because the mini cut allows the dress to "work" with one of Hill's other on-trend style elements seen in her SNF performance....
2. Thigh-high boots -- You don't need to be Faith Hill or Victoria Beckham to wear thigh-high black leather boots, but it sure doesn't hurt. Actually, the term "over-the-knee boot" is what's all a-buzz right now. Boots are a staple almost every fall, but they seem to me to be more popular than normal. The twist this year is that boots are being seen on the short side (booties) or extremely high (over-the-knee). For boots like Hill's look to Jimmy Choo, Dior or Chloe.
3. Oversized hoop earrings -- I am not sure how many men are paying attention to Hill's earrings, but they caught my eye. For the SNF opening, she is wearing a pair of gold "hoop" earrings that are actually oblong in shape. They are simple in design, just very large. A few weeks ago, in my Emmys' Red Carpet Recap, I discussed how popular similar earrings were on the Emmy's red carpet, and Hill is right on trend. Or maybe it is Hill that sets the trends?! I wouldn't put it past her.

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