Recovery Ale Plans Race Debut

In what may be the most welcome scientific discovery since nacho cheese powder, a group of researchers in Spain determined that the combination of sugar, salt and carbonation found in beer was better at re-hydrating the human body after an endurance exercise than plain water. Naturally, this was all brewmasters needed to hear. Now, an enterprising lot from local craft brewery Triumph have gone and produced the world's first "post race beer," the ODDyssey Half Marathon Recovery Ale.

Described as "crisp and rerfreshing," the ale will get its official debut after the Broad Street Run May 1, from 11:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., and then, naturally, it will be the featured brew for the ODDyssey Half Marathon itself, winding through Fairmount Park on May 22. All participants 21+ will receive a free bottle after they complete the race. It is probable you will never in your life have a better excuse to drink beer, so you might want to bust out your Reeboks from the closet and get a jump on your road work.

Registration for the ODDyssey Half Marathon, a zany race that also includes a costume contest, odd 'twists and turns' and possible water balloons, can be found right here.

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