Recession Special Reminder

There is still good food to be had for a fiver

If you've been enjoying Restaurant Week(s) since the opening day, chances are you're just about broke by now. Those $35 nights out start adding up after a while and let's be honest, the check always adds up to more than expected because of all the "extras." (Another glass of wine? Sure, why not?!)

Here's a reminder for foodies keeping a closer eye on their wallets: Chick's Café and Wine Bar is still offering its "Recession Proof $5 Paninis" on Tuesdays. For a fiver, diners can choose between cheesy, hot sandwiches with dried fig, gorgonzola and carmelized onion, wild mushroom and taleggio or chicken, brie and pear, among others. For three bucks more, add on soup, salad or fries.

Now that you'll be saving so much on food, it's up to you if you want to keep the rest of the money in your wallet… or splurge on a few more of the "extras." Another glass of wine? Sure, why not?!

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