Answer This: Are You Ready for Quizzo Bowl?

Philly's premiere trivia event to be held Saturday night

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Quizzo is a Philadelphia tradition unlike any other. The trivia game played at bars from Kensignton to Rittenhouse to West Philly comes to the forefront this weekend at Quizzo Bowl VI.

Trivia pros and amateurs from around the region will get their shot to show off their knowledge on Saturday night as the Quizzo Bowl returns.

After past events at the Blue Horizon and New Golden Palace, the biggest change in the event this year is the big step up to the TLA  on South Street.

“It’s kind of big time,” said Johnny Goodtimes, Quizzo Bowl’s trivia master (and hype man). “The stage, the marquee, it’s a known quantity.”

About 300 trivia buffs  are expected for "the Super Bowl" of trivia including some local favorite teams. But, amateurs shouldn't to be deterred from attending.

“There are probably ten teams that have a legitimate shot at winning but I can guarantee the other 30 teams or so will have a blast,” said Goodtimes.

Over $1400 will be given away in prize money to the top three finishers as well as many random giveaways throughout the night. 

But, there will be more than just knowledge. The West Philadelphia Orchestra along with comedians Chip Chantry and "Fastball Pitcher" Bob Gutierrez will perform in between the four rounds.

The rules are pretty easy -- try to answer the most questions correctly. Teams can have up to eight members and the event’s leader has some advice as to how to form the perfect team.

“Cover everything and study up,” Quizmaster Johnny said. “There will be many different categories like sports, history, movies and television. Organize your team accordingly.”

That was all the trivia guru would divulge.

“The questions are locked away in a vault at the Smithsonian,” said Johnny. “It would be a breach of national security for me to give them away.”

All jokes aside, anyone planning to go is urged to grab ticket ahead of time from Goodtimes directly at one of his many quizzo events or at the TLA/Live Nation box office. Tickets cost 25 bucks each and doors open at 7. 

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