Q&A With Style Blogger Jacci Stallone

Jacci Stallone, the face behind the Philly style blog, Being Perfect is Hard, has a signature style that's all her own. With chunky bangs and long, ombre-colored hair, the blogger combines vintage apparel with new finds; her look runs the gamut between '80s rock star and 21st century flower child.

Here, Stallone tells us about her popular blog, her favorite stylish celebs, and what's currently taking up the most room in her closet.

What prompted you to start a blog?
I kind of just started it as a joke not thinking anyone would actually look at it. Then when I started hearing good feedback from my friends, it motivated me to keep doing it. Now blogging is a large part of my daily routine.

You have a vintage shop on Etsy, Some Velvet Vintage. What can you tell us about it?
I guess my vision for my store is just to have it always stocked full of colorful, slightly over the top items -- things that might make someone go, "Wow!" My target customer is just girls like me who have a love for putting together outfits, mainly with vintage and thrift store finds.

What are your some of your favorite brick-and-mortar vintage shops in Philly?
Sweet Jane Vintage and Wilbur Vintage in South Philly, and Wistaria Vintage in Mt. Airy.

What's taking up the most room in your closet right now?
My tee shirt collection. I've got lots and lots and lots of tee shirts.

If you could get one boutique or department store to open here, which would it be?
This city needs a Topshop.

Where's the best spot in Philly for stylish people-watching?
New York City.

What's one item you're looking to add to your wardrobe?
The whole Stone Cold Fox summer '11 collection.

What are the five key pieces for this season?
If I could pick five things right now to own for this summer, they would be a Lindsey Thornburg Summer Cloak, a pair of Osborn flat shoes, red leather skinny pants, an oversized denim smock with exposed shoulders, and of course, a nice chunky pair of printed Jeffrey Campbells.

Which celebrity's style do you most identify with?
Simon van Kempen. Angela Chase. Also, I love Zoe Kravitz's little outfits. Other than that, I think various fashion bloggers have much more original style than celebrities.

Tell us about the oldest piece of clothing that you own, and why you still have it.
I did gymnastics from age eight to twelve, and I still have a pair of spandex shorts from the fourth grade. I wear them under skirts and dresses when riding my bike. I love that they still fit.

What trend do you wish would just shrivel up and die?
People who have no tattoos then get full sleeves overnight. Don't get it.

Any words of advice for aspiring fashion bloggers?
Keep your blog original, and don't be afraid to add some humor to it. One thing I notice about most fashion/style blogs is that there is no humor. Even though my blog is considered a "style blog," I don't forget to post about other things I love, like rap videos, skateboards, metal things, food, and cheesy TV shows.

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