Reid to Press: “First the Injuries…”

We know the Eagles are tough. But believe me, they are human, too.

A local sports psychologist says when players are hurt they feel it! There's no magic that makes the pain go away.
So, how do guys like Brian Westbrook, who's been banged-up most of the season take it?

The words that always start coach Andy Reid’s press conferences: "First the injuries..."

No Eagles fan is surprised when the birds play hurt.

"LJ whose shoulder is not 100 percent right now but he went out there and battled," Reid told the Press.

And, you'd have to be a Cowboys fan not to know Westbrook’s been playing with a bum knee.
John Runyan may even play on Sunday with an inflamed knee.

"These players they're banged up," Reid admits.

Reid says the injured players must depend on help from trainers.
Local sports psychologist Joel Fish says top athletes feel pain but learn to mentally brace themselves.

"Motivation is really important in these kind of situations and the championship game for the NFC for a veteran player who's very passionate and caring like Brian Westbrook, a motivation can give you the strength if you will to withstand a certain kind of a pain that normally you might not be able to withstand," Fish explains.

Temple University Orthopaedic Surgeon Milo Sewards says the fact that Westbrook hasn't been practicing will help at game time.
"There is no reason to continue to beat up an already injured and sore knee…use your activities when it's going to be worthwhile...during the game," Sewards said. "Certainly you could take a safe dose of ibuprofen that will help with the swelling and inflammation and get out in the field," Seward went on.

Dr. Seward, an Eagles fan, says sometimes injuries can become part of the team strategy.

"It's one of those things where even if he is at less than 100 percent as long as 22 eyes are on Brian Westbrook some of the other guys may be able to contribute," said Seward.

Even with such high stakes, the doctor says he doesn't believe the trainers would let Brian Westbrook play if his injury was serious enough to cause permanent damage.

But Seward says if Westbrook can tolerate the pain he should play.

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