Play Video Games, Win Video Games…And Money

If you're a gamer, you don't want to miss the Video Game Expo's multiple tournaments this weekend at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Center CityPhiladelphia.

Starting Friday and going through Sunday, the VGXPO has everything a gamer could ever hope for -- including video game tournaments. Hosting more than a dozen competitions, this year's expo will also host the 2008 Great American Video Game Tournament.

Whether your game is Madden; DDR; Super Smash Bros.; Halo 3,;Soul Calibur 4; Tekken 5 DR; Wii Sports - Bowling; Call of Duty 4; Unreal Tournament 3; or Starcraft Brood Wars -- the expo has a place for you.

Register now and you will be in the running to win cash prizes and Wireless "Guitar Hero/Rock Band" Guitar.

CLICK HERE to find out the schedules, rules and game options!

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