Great Philly Pizza Picks for Pizza Party Day

It's National Pizza Party Day

Tired of boring holidays like Easter and Mother’s Day? Want to celebrate something you can really sink your teeth into? Then break out of the Hallmark-holidays and seize the day with National Pizza Party Day Friday.

In honor of Pizza Party Day, we’d like to bring you the top five places in Philly (in absolutely no order) to go out and grab a tasty slice.

Tacconelli's Pizza:
This is the pizza place where you need to call ahead in order to get any food. Not because it’s quicker, but because that’s the rule.

Tacconelli's major strong point is the crispy, brick-oven-toasted crust of its pies. They value their crust so much that the pizza place won’t let you order more than three toppings on one pie, according to

Lorenzo and Son Pizza:
Like Tacconelli’s this South Street favorite also has some crazy rules and long late-night lines. You can’t order toppings on any slices and the fountain drinks only come in one size. While someone may see this as boring, they will soon forget about it when they see this behemoth slice of pizza. Check out the NBCPhiladelphia article here.

NYPD Pizza:
Philly and New York don’t play well with each other. Just look what happens when Mets fans come down to Citizen’s Bank Park (God forbid you’re a Giants fan at the Linc). But with NYPD Pizza, we can over look the N.Y. factor. The thin crust, non-dripping cheese, and savory-rather-than-sweet sauce make this pizza a winner. Plus you can watch the elegance of the “pizza makers ballet,” said Kirsten Henri from Philadelphia Weekly.

Joe’s Pizza:
If you’re in the mood for loads of toppings, Joe’s Pizza is the spot for you. Toppings include standards like peppers and onions but get wilder and include french fries and portabello mushrooms. Joe’s supreme pizza has so many toppings that you may forget your actually eating a pizza, said Doree Shafrir. While the line may wind out the door and down the street, the wait is worthwhile.

Tony’s Place:
Last but certainly not least is Tony’s Place on Frankford Ave. While technically a tomato pie, Tony’s Place is a staple of northeast Philly. Tony’s “has a more subtle taste and texture than the more common bubbly gooey stringy cheese chewy crust and greasy pizza,” said blogger Tony from Uwishunu.

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