Pink Slips Proffer Pasta

Unemployment benefits never tasted so good

The "pros" of being out a job are sleeping late, wearing sweats all day, spending the day in front of the TV. The "cons" are the much-missed paycheck, sending out resumes and cover letters and not being able to afford to go out for dinner.

There are many restaurants around town that are trying to help those who are feeling the pinch but not many are doing as much to help the completely unemployed. (Let’s face it, those without a steady income are still going to balk at forking over $50 for dinner at Le Bec Fin.) The answer to a struggling foodie’s prayers lies in neighborhood Italian joint La Fourna on South Street.

The restaurant is currently offering customers with proof of a recent layoff a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant. If you’re already collecting unemployment, bring proof and you’ll get 20 to 30 percent taken off your bill. It’s one more thing you can add to the list of unemployment "pros" (just be sure to change out of the sweats before dinner).

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