Photos: Firefighters Rescue Ducklings From Delaware Storm Drain

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It all started with this loud mama duck alerting a Good Samaritan to the perilous situation her ducklings were in. That person called the fire company who came to the rescue.
One of the firefighters who responded, Captain Keith Simpkins, tells NBC10 the nine ducklings were running back and forth between two drains when they saw their would-be rescuers.
Simpkins said the crew then hooked up a hose and, "pushed water from one to the next to wash them to our guys to catch them."
The guys at the other drain were able to scoop the ducklings into a bucket.
Sadly, "a couple of them didn't make it," Simpkins said.
But those that did were brought to the surface and taken back to their awaiting mother duck.
And the family was reunited. Simpkins said the fire company does get calls like this on occasion, but this was his first call to rescue a family of ducklings. He credits firefighters Jeff Sands, Paul Bonamessa, Jim Haslam and Former Fire Chief Brian Reeder for their quick work to bring the baby ducks to safety.
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