Philly’s Burgers Are (2nd) Best

But hey, we'll take it!


Burgers may not seem like a big deal to some, but to others, they’re worth traveling the country for.

Luckily, Philadelphians don’t need to go far to get some of the best burgers in the country, because according to Travel + Leisure Magazine, we’ve got them right here!

Making a huge jump from last year’s 22nd place, Philadelphia is now second on the list of America’s Best Burger Cities 2012, according to voters who participated in the magazine’s annual America’s Favorite Cities survey.

Topping the list is Providence, RI. Coming in right behind Philly is Chicago, Houston and San Juan, P.R.

T + L suggests heading to Jose Garces’ Whiskey Village in Rittenhouse for a burger topped with maple bourbon-glazed cipollini, Rogue blue cheese or foie gras, although we're sure you've got your favorite spot to grab one.

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