Philly's Best Indian Restaurant

MyFoxPhilly: Tiffin
710 W. Girard Ave.
Highly acclaimed Tiffin is the obvious choice for Indian faire in Philadelphia. The Fishtown foodery is off the beaten trail, sure, but the food is simply perfection. Whether you eat in Tiffin’s upstairs dining room or order in, you can’t go wrong no matter what you choose to order. We’re fans of the Baingan Bhartha, Saag Paneer and Tikka Masala here—but we’ve been meaning to hit up the $8.50 all-you-can-eat brunch. That food, at that price? We can only imagine the ensuing tummy ache would be: Totally. Worth. It.

magazine: Bindi
105 S. 13th St.

Much like its sister restaurant Lolita, Bindi transforms traditional ethnic dishes into creative modern interpretations that make our mouths water. You won’t find typical Indian dishes like Chicken Tikka Masala or Saag Paneer here—but you will find modern twists on Indian classics. We especially like the sound of Bindi’s Pawn and Pumpkin Curry and Besan Crusted Skate. Adding to the restaurant’s appeal? It’s a BYOB.

Yelp: New Delhi
4004 Chestnut St.
The Yelp people have spoken: New Delhi is the Philly pick for Indian faire. The way we see it, they hook ‘em young: New Delhi’s U-City location means it’s the choice pick for Penn students, who tend to stay loyal long after they’ve moved across the Schuylkill to Rittenhouse Square. But we can’t blame ‘em—from what we hear, the buffet is divine, the spiciness quotient spot-on and the delivery quick and painless.

Around Town pick: Ashoka Palace
38 S. 19th St.
Family-owned Ashoka Palace, which occupies a busy stretch of 19th Street, is easily overlooked. The sparse dining room certainly doesn’t scream, “The city’s best Indian!” but the food speaks for itself—it’s spicy without being painful, perfectly portioned and very affordable, especially considering the restaurant’s Rittenhouse locale. The service, too, is a pleasant surprise; on a recent visit, our waitress gave us a vegetable samosa (we admitted we’d never tried one before) and cardamom vermicelli dessert, on the house. We’ll be back, and soon.


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