Philly's Best at the Popped! Food Bazaar

This year's Popped! Music Fest has a talent lineup for the ages, and the accompanying Food Bazaar is shaping up to be on par with the rest of the party, which is taking place at FDR Park in South Philly the weekend of September 23.

Alexis Rosenzweig, curator of the Food Bazaar, has assembled a little bit of something for everyone including the highly anticipated Quest Loves Food Drumstick, a buttermilk fried chicken drumstick inspired by The Mighty Afro.

The rest of the lineup includes brick and mortar restaurants, food trucks, sandwich carts, and vendors, some of which are familiar, and a few newbies. Festival-goers will find the tasty wares of Scott Dogs (Scott Schroeder's Hot Dog Op), Capogiro, Sweet Box, Gigi and Big R, Farm Fresh Lunch Truck, Made in the Shade Lemonade, Cookie Confidential, Royal Tavern, Cantina Dos, Cucina Zapata, Hardena, Violette's Crepes, and the soon-in-Philly Nomad Pizza.

Tickets are going fast for the festival, so get yourself over to the website and purchase your passes before they're gone. There's a lot of food to be eaten and a lot of music to be heard, so get to it. [The Feast]

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