Phillymag's Giant Tastykake Krimpet

In the land of junk food, there’s not much better than a Tastykake Krimpet. The iconic butterscotch sponge cake tops the Twinkie, the Swiss Cake Roll and the Devil Dog, as far as Philadelphians are concerned. It's not even a contest.

Now picture, if you will, a Krimpet that's 1,261 times the cake's usual 2 ounces. That’s what you’ll find Tuesday, Dec. 16, at Liberty Place (1625 Chestnut St.) for Philadelphia magazine’s 100th anniversary celebration. Yes, really.

At 1 p.m., Tasty Baking Company CEO Charles Pizzi will present Metrocorp president David Lipson with the extra-large treat. But as much as the two men love them some Krimpet, there’s simply no way they can polish it off alone—so everyone’s invited to sample some of Philly's favorite treat.

In addition to the inevitable sugar high felt 'round the city, Kirby the Krimpet, Tasty’s butterscotch mascot, will be on hand to shake hands and pose for photos.

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