Philly Legend Staib on Iron Chef

Local legend Walter Staib of City Tavern is making an appearance on Iron Chef America versus Bobby Flay in the near future. While we spend post after post singing the praises of the Vetris and Garces of the Philadelphia culinary scene, Staib has been a fixture here since 1979, long before either of our hometown heroes peeled their first clove of garlic.

For all the jokes nouveau-foodies make at the expense of his tourist-friendly restaurant, Staib is an international culinary heavyweight. He has authored four cookbooks, has an Emmy award-winning show on PBS called A Taste of History, and his consulting company has conceptualized and implemented over 300 restaurants around the world. In 1987 Staib was awarded the Silver Plate, and he currently serves as Ambassador to the Culinary Institute of America. In 1996, Staib was appointed the First Culinary Ambassador to the City of Philadelphia.

For his latest trick, Staib heads into battle with Flay, who recently opened a Bobby's Burger Palace in West Philly. Since Staib filmed his episode against the red-haired menace just last week, the schedule for airing has not yet been released. Stay tuned for more details. [The Feast]

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