Key Matchups: Bears vs. Eagles

The player battles that will decide the game.

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Advantage | Michael Vick
The Eagle's quarterback has been virtually unstoppable since returning to the starting line up. Jay Cutler, he's been stoppable.
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Advantage | LeSean McCoy
In the last four games McCoy has rushed for 726 yards and 6 touchdowns. Forte has put up 567 and 4 TDs in the same span.
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Advantage | Jeremy Maclin
Johnny Knox is putting on a solid season, with 672 yards and a TD. But Jeremy Maclin is a stud who's put up 705 yards and 7 TDs this year.
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Advantage | Robbie Gould
David Akers is a can't miss wiley veteran. But with Vick scoring TDs, he's not needed as much as the Bears need Robbie Gould.
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Advantage | Lovie Smith
Andy Ried has managed to get the most out of his team this year, but he still danced with a quarterback controversy early on. Lovie Smith has taken a mediocre team to a 7-3 start.
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Advantage | Devin Hester
DeSean Jackson is fast. But Devin Hester is ridiculous, and he's poised to break the career return touchdown record.
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