The Worst Philly Fan Moments

Relive some of the more unfortunate times of Philly fans misbehaving.

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Philadelphia Police Dept.
Matthew Clemmens, 21, is accused of deliberately throwing up on a father and daughter at a Phillies game on Wednesday, April 14, 2010. His relatives said Clemmens did not throw up on purpose.
This child was caught on tape during a Phillies broadcast apparently swigging from a beer bottle. It wasn't the first time Philly sports fans allegedly behaved badly.
Steve Consalvi ran onto the Citizen Bank Field and got tasered by a Philly police officer. The 17-year-old became the first sports fan to run onto the field and get tased. He stepped over the line and entered a world of pain. But, he wasn't the first Philly sports fan to steal headlines from the players.
Tom Betz, an aspiring DJ, tweeted that he was about to jump out on the field before actually going for it in the top of the ninth of a 1-0 game Tuesday. He seemed to distract Cole Hamels who failed to complete his gem. It was the second-straight night that a Phillies fan interupted the game. At least Betz can be thankful that he wasn't tased.
Philadelphia Police Dept.
Earlier in the 2010 season, Matthew Clemmens, a.k.a. Pukemon, gained infamy for allegedly intentionally vomiting on an 11-year-old girl at a Phillies game in April. Yet another black eye for Philly fans.
Susan Finkelstein allegedly offered sex in exchange for 2009 Phillies World Series tickets. She eventually got lucky, by not getting jail time in the case.
A fan tried using a green laser pointer to distract star Cardinals' slugger Albert Pujols during the 2009 season. The whole incident was aired live on national TV.
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In 2008, Flyers fans booed Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin at a Flyers/Rangers game. Palin claimed to be a "hockey mom" and Flyers fans thought otherwise.
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Assault and "battery." Phils fans threw batteries at J.D. Drew in 2002.
Back in 2001 a Flyers fan climbed over the glass behind the penalty box to get a piece of Tie Domi. Guess who won?
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Birds fans cheered loudly for Michael Irvin's career-ending neck injury after he awkwardly hit the Veteran's Stadium turf in 1999. "Fans brought the city's reputation for boorishness to new lows," wrote SI at the time.
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Phillies fans allegedly booed the first U.S. hand transplant patient, who threw out the first pitch in 1999. The ball dribbled across the plate, prompting the fans to express their displeasure.
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In 1997 an Eagles fan shot a flare gun during an Eagles Monday Night Football game. The incident led to Eagles court, which was held in the belly of the Vet until the Eagles left.
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Former Cowboys coach Jimmy Johnson barely escaped the Vet with his hair in tact after Eagles' fans pelted Dallas players and coaches with snowballs and ice following the second Bounty Bowl in 1989.
And let's not forget about Eagles fans throwing snowballs at a shabby Old St. Nick during halftime of a game in 1968.
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