Philly’s Famous Chefs’ Top Kitchen Picks

Philly's gourmet gurus give us their picks on the kitchen gadgets that they can't live without.

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Vaello Campos / Garces Restaurant Group
He just became an Iron Chef and Jose Garces can't live without his iron pans. The gifted chef loves Vaello Campos Paella pans. They are made in Spain and are perfect for every paella. Jose sells them in his restaurant “Amada” for $20.
Kitchen Aid /
“I love the new pasta extruder attachment on the Kitchen Aid mixer. It works really good," says Marc Vetri owner of two restaurants in Philly -- Vetri and Osteria -- that set the standard for Italian cuisine in our region.
Staub / Starr Restaurants
Masaharu Morimoto, Executive Chef of Morimoto is obsessed with Staub pots -- they are available in all sizes and colors.
Mouli /
Alex Capassos of Black Bird restaurant couldn’t be without a Mouli ricer -- he uses the special food mill to prepare his “Franco-Italian” cuisine. His restaurant recently was voted to havethe best pasta dish.
Benriner /
Susanna Foo is famous for her modern approach to Asian cuisine and her restaurant Susanna Foo in Radnor. Her perfect kitchen gadget is a Japanese Mandolin slicer. She cuts all sorts of vegetables with it.
Le Creuset / John Boos / Peugeot / STARR Restaurants
Hugh Moran, Executive Chef of POD says “Some of my favorite gadgets help to make cooking at home more enjoyable for friends and family. They include Boos cutting boards, Peugeot pepper mills and anything from Le Creuset. These manufacturers’ products are all designed to work well and last for years. I enjoy being able to encourage others to cook at home and get more satisfaction out of it. Cooking can be cathartic!”
Next Day Gourmet /
Le Bec Fin's Georges Perrier's favorite kitchen appliance is a good old Teflon pan. You never have to worry about anything sticking which allows you to cook without butter or oil. He would use this gadget with a rubber spatula, as you can only use rubber utensils on a Teflon pan.
Williams-Sonoma / STARR Restaurants
“Because we sell so many tacos, and it’s one of the things we are known for, I love my tortilla press. You can special order them at good restaurant supply places, or go down to your local Mexican market and purchase one," says Darren Carbone, Executive Chef of El Vez.
Global /
Every chef needs a good knife and Indeblue owner Rakesh Ramola prefers a Japanese Global Knife when preparing traditional Indian food mixed with modern French cuisine.
Misono / STARR Restaurants
Bryan Burger of Continental Restaurant and Martini Bar loves a good knife. “The knife I would recommend and have used for years myself is a Misono 440 Gyutou.”
Williams Sonoma
Dionicio Jimenez would never want to be without his molcajete . He uses it to make salsas or guacamole at his well-known Mexican restaurant Xochitl. It is used to grind the ingredients.
Benriner /
Corey Baver’s restaurant Izumi was recently voted Philly’s best new sushi. He suggests a Vita-Prep high speed mixer -- it’s perfect for making sauces and purees.
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