Philly Boutiques' Guide to Spring Fashion

Ever heard of sailor-chic? You will this spring.

Spring is in the air and all you fashionistas know what that means. It’s time to put away your fleeces and make room in your closet for some fresh frocks.

The leaders in Philadelphia's fashion world are boasting some of this seasons hottest spring fashions. Local boutique owners and designers break down the trends to watch out for and the must-have items for spring 2010.

Smak Parlour: OK, so according to store owner Abby Kessler, the sailor look is all the rage. Anything with red accents, navy and stripes is definitely something you’ll want to invest in.

In fact, the sailor stuff is selling out so quickly they can’t even keep it in stock, Kessler says.

If stripes never really were “your thing,” polka dots and ginghams are also in this season, says Kessler.

Feeling flashy? “Bright colors like yellows, electric blue and aqua are also very popular," says Kessler. "Sherbet is our hottest selling color this season.”

Kessler and co-owner Katie Loftus also have a lot of traditional spring staples for you to grab. Everything from big flowers for your hair, to bright handbags, and oversized sunglasses.

Sorry fellas, Smak doesn’t carry any men’s apparel. But that doesn't mean guys can't come to buy something for their special ladies.

Everyone can get something special at Smak’s fifth anniversary  party on April 2. The "Pink Birthday Party" will feature pink cocktails, pink cupcakes and Smak raffle giveaways from 6 to 8 p.m. And, every shopper will get 20 percent off any one item purchased.

Sugarcube Inc.: The sailor look takes the top prize once again. Everybody is talking about a trend, which store owner Elisa Buratto describes as “French nautical.”

You’ve got to have stripes -- lots and lots of stripes.

“Tops, dresses, whatever. Anything sailor is already blowing out of our store,” says Burrato. On the flip side, neutral and earth tones are also popular.

“We carry the kind of lines that aren’t in department stores,” Burrato says.

Buratto describes the clothing in her store as casual chic. They even carry apparel for men and vintage items.

Be on the look out for Sugarcube Inc.’s trunk show in April. Designers come to the shop with a bigger selection of their line and you can have first dibs. It's a sweet deal.

Matthew Izzo: Let’s talk bling. No spring ensemble is complete without some colorful jewels. Store owner and jewelry designer Matthew Izzo prides himself in having one of the biggest one-of-a-kind designer jewelry selections in all of Philly. 

“Must-haves are beaded, colorful jewelry as well as our beaded 'dream bracelets.' We like to think they will bring you happy dreams,” Izzo says.

Izzo’s advice for this spring -- keep it simple and classic.

“Simple basics can go a long way. Soft T's or a simple dress with fun, large, colorful jewelry will make a huge statement of great style," says Izzo. "Classic chic always looks good. Always have clothes that feel great to the touch and fit like a glove.”

The Matthew Izzo Collection is at a very reasonable price point, so be sure to bedazzle yourself this spring.

Charlie’s Jeans: Denim has got to be one item that will never go out of style. Manager of Charlie’s Jeans Meredith Albert says the straight leg is a must-have.

“It’s the perfect balance of slim and sexy -- showing a woman’s shape while still allowing her to feel comfortable,” says Albert.

Albert suggests pairing these with a relaxed button-down and you’ve got the ultimate spring look.

“Chic and comfortable -- great for warm spring days and cool spring nights,” Albert says.

At Charlie’s Jeans, everybody seems to want the Sebastian McCall "boyfriend button-down.” It’s a relaxed, yet slightly fitted button-down shirt that can be worn in multiple ways for various looks, says Albert.

“Wear it open over a tank for a casual, relaxed feel, or wear it alone for a more sexy, edgy look,” says Albert.

Guys and gals will both be able to find the perfect fit at Charlie’s Jeans. With over 90 name brands to choose from you’ll be able to make jeans more than just a pair of slacks this spring.

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