Phinally! 10 Reasons Why We're Ready for Baseball

Is it Spring yet?

It's tough to think about summer when the snow piled is piled high outside but the National League Champion Phillies are getting back to work in less than ten days.

Pitchers and catchers must report to Clearwater Feb. 17 with the rest of the team trickling into paradise day by day. It won't be long until the first pitch at Brighthouse Networks Field against the Florida State University Seminoles on March 3.

That means the smell of pine tar and chewing tobacco will soon be in the air -- replacement the smell of dirty snow and ice melt.

With some new faces and plenty of old ones, the Phightins are looking to add yet another chapter to the fairytale of the past four seasons. Offering the brightest ray of hope in a city flooded with melted ice and sports mediocrity, a Dollar Dog Night and a steamy tailgate has never sounded so good.

Here are 10 other reasons why we can’t wait for the season to start:
10. The Phightins have a shiny new toy named Roy Halladay that we can’t wait to show off to all of our friends in New York.
9. There aren’t many places that serve the delicious Woodchuck Cider draft-style. Citizens Bank Park happens to be one of the few places (of course that one needs to wait until April)
8. Charlie Manuel looked great in those pinstripes last year. He should look even now that he’s lost over 50 pounds on Nutrisystem. Fans can’t wait to see him strut his stuff in the dugout.
7. Fans miss the Phanatic.
6. The Phanatic misses the fans even more.
5. The Sixers and Flyers are hard to watch, and just saying the word Eagles leaves a terrible taste in your mouth.
4. Fans could finally decide whether or not they like Cole Hamels.
3. Chase Utley. I mean, come on -- he’s the man.
2. Haven’t you wondered what Jayson Werth’s hair/goatee looks like at this point?
1. One can only pray for Jersey Shore night at the ballpark.  Awesome.

It’s time to dust off that red cap and rally towel, my fellow Phans.  Baseball is returning to the City of Brotherly Love sooner than you may think.  Let the run at another World Championship begin!

Now, if only Cliff Lee and Matt Stairs were still in town. 

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