Phillies “Voice” Enters Another Hall of Fame

Legendary Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas was posthumously inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

Kalas who was already inducted into the broadcasting wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame was a natural fit for selection into the Radio Hall. He broadcasted Phillies games on the radio for nearly 40 years making a connection with Phils fans of all ages.

You knew it was gone when Harry the K shouted "It's outta here" over the airwaves.

He died in April preparing to do what he loved -- broadcasting a baseball game.

"Kalas won the hearts of Phillies fans and lived to see his team win the World Series," said the NRHOF in a statement.

His career began in 1961 when he began calling minor league baseball games. Kalas made his pro debut in 1965 calling Houston Astros games.

Kalas moved onto the Phillies in 1971 to do play-by-play. The rest was history, as he eventually became the “voice of the Phillies.”

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