Teen Brothers Accused of Stealing Human Remains

Police say remains may have been taken from crypt for rituals

Police charged two Philadelphia teenagers with taking human remains from a cemetery crypt -- perhaps to be sold for use in an occult ritual.

Hector Cruz, 19, and his 17-year-old brother got into the 15-foot deep underground crypt at the North Cedar Hill Cemetery and took the remains from four bodies, according to police.

The two were charged with grave desecration, criminal conspiracy, abuse of corpse and criminal mischief.

Police Capt. Len Ditchkofsky says there is a market for human skulls and bones.

The skulls, he says, can bring as much as $800.

Ditchkofsky says one of the brothers is involved in the occult. Family members refused to comment.

The last burial in the crypt was in 1921.

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