Dumb and Dumber Sting

That $1,400 check is for me?! NOT!

Duh, I'm here to collect my check. The one for $1,412?

They came from all corners of the scum world, alleged rapists, child molesters, people accused of all sorts of brutality. They walked right into a clever sting operation set up by Philadelphia police.

And the same thing happened over and over again -- more than 80 street smart fugitives fell for it.

Police -- pretending to be an outfit called The Philadelphia Commission of Economic Revitalization [Philcer] -- sent out more than 700 notices to fugitives, telling them to stop by and pick up their economic stimulus checks. 

So for six weeks, men, women and even teens, ages 16 to 60, trotted over to the fake Philcer officer at 16th & JFK (just a spit away from City Hall) eager to collect their money.

Duh, I'm here to collect my check. The one for $1,412?

Desperate times = fewer brain cells.

About 85 people, some who've been "wanted" by police since 1999, came calling.

When the handcuffs came out, some of the "gotcha" moments were better than the old Candid Camera days!

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