Pennsylvania, Who Will You Choose?

Imagine the election all over again.

Endless campaigning, countless appearances and down to the wire drama.

Whether you liked the run or not you better saddle up Pennsylvanians, because you’re about to relive the whole experience again.

Except this race will not include Democrat Barak Obama or Republican John McCain, no, this arms race will features the NFC’s Philadelphia Eagles and the AFC’s Pittsburgh Steelers, same hate between parties just different candidates.

You better believe the Keystone State will be just as torn as this country became over the last few months.

This race to the White House isn’t for political purposes; it’s a race for dominance, for respect; for a Super Bowl Championship.

In case you’ve been hiding in a bomb shelter like it’s Y2K all over again, you know by now both the Eagles and Steelers are in the playoffs.

For Pennsylvanians, there will be a clear cut line between love and hate this season.

The Eagles (9-6-1) came into Sunday with 25:1 odds of even making it as an NFC postseason nominee but with some picketing from Oakland and Texas the Birds slaughtered the ‘Boys of Dallas' to become Americans new darling team, well at least on this side of the Susquehanna.

The road to the playoffs was a little easier for the Steelers (12-4), who milled their way into the Super Bowl race as the conferences’ No. 2 seed.

If it comes down to an all Pennsylvania Super Bowl, the campaigning will come swirling back into the toss-up state with residents flossing black/gold and green/silver instead of the traditional blue and red.

Bring it on. It’s been too long since the last Civil War and you better believe it will be brother against brother come January.

If history has anything to do with the battle, then the Eagles should be prime to sweep the house again after its defense put a choke hold on Steeltown 15-6 back on Sept. 21.

But that was three months ago, and these teams are as far from those as Bill is from Hilary when it comes to the meaning of marriage vowels.

However this marriage of two teams bonded by one holy state, will bring out the true meaning of faithfulness.

Which will it be Pennsylvanians?

Will you rally behind Donovan McNabb as he looks to continue his dance right into another championship victory into none other than Super Bowl host city Tampa Bay or will you make like Carnegie behind Big Ben Roethlisberger and his bashed up melon? (He suffered a concussion during Sunday’s game against Cleveland.)

The time is now to pick sides Pennsylvania, who will be the victor of the battleground state in 2009?

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