“Parenthood” Pilot to Film in Philly

NBC's shooting a pilot here in Philly, that means more celebs, more money for the city and more jobs!

The Greater Philadelphia Film Office said yesterday that NBC Universal will film a TV pilot based on 1989's "Parenthood." The pilot will be directed by Thomas Schlamme ("The West Wing" and Boston Public"). Schlamme will also serve as an executive producer along side, Ron Howard, co-writer and director of the original hit movie.

Although it remains unknown when it will be begin, production will last about two weeks. Erika Christensen will play the mom, an attorney who focuses more on work than her family. Other characters have yet to be cast.

Hopefully the pilot will be picked up because "A TV series is one of the best production scenarios for a region like ours...Add to that the hundreds of jobs for local crew and actors and the handsome returns for production vendors, retailers, hoteliers, restaurants, taxi cabs and more," said Sharon Pinkenson head of Philadelphia Film Office.

We'll give you more details as they come in, just remember to watch. Philly needs this!

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