Out of the Nest: Eagles at Titans

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Every week during the season, we’ll scout out the Eagles next opponent. This week, that opponent is the Tennessee Titans.

The Opponent: The Tennessee Titans, a.k.a. the Tennessee Oilers, a.k.a. they’d be 12 percent more popular with a checkerboard endzone.

Record: 4-2

The Line: Titans by 3. The line isn’t set in stone because of Vince Young’s uncertain playing status.

Last Game: A 30-3 woodshed pounding of the Jaguars. The Titans intercepted the Jags three times and sent David Garrard to the locker room with a concussion in the second quarter. After that, Trent Edwards came in, and threw two picks you know Trent Edwards always has in him. Vince Young was also hurt last night, giving way to sheep farmer and cigar lover Kerry Collins, who threw a touchdown pass. Young sprained his knee, but the injury doesn’t appear to be all that alarming. Jeff Fisher after the game: "He's a little sore. He could have finished in shotgun." Sounds like he’ll be out there come Sunday.

The Coach: Permanent fixture Jeff Fisher, who is in his 17th year with the team. SEVENTEENTH! It’s doubly impressive when you consider that Fisher totally looks like he was born to be a security guard at NASCAR races. “YOU GOT A FIELD PASS THERE, BUDDY?!”

The Offense: Whether it’s Young or Collins, the Titans are still a run-first team with an average to bad crop of wideouts. Kenny Britt can make a big play every so often, but the Eagles’ main point of emphasis on Sunday will be to limit Chris Johnson, particularly when Cop Speed is catching balls out of the backfield. Those big 40-yard swing passes he can rip off are the most terrifying thing about this offense.

The Defense: You can pass all over Tennessee, which ranks 23rd in overall passing yards allowed. That plays right into the hands of this Philly outfit, currently ranked fourth in total offense in the NFL. Even without DeSean Jackson, Kevin Kolb should be able to replicate the success he’s had the past two games.

Key Matchup: Johnson vs. the Philly linebackers. Again, everything the Titans do revolves around getting Cop Speed past the second level and out into the open field. He hasn’t been as wildly explosive as he was last year, and that’s because most teams have been so intent on preventing him from making big plays. The Eagles will be no different. Watching Johnson get through the hole and threaten to break one is terrifying to watch. But prevent the long runs and catches, and Tennessee is suddenly a very limited team.

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