Organic Mechanic

NBC 10 features "Green is Universal Week"

Go green and save money!  It’s that simple.

All you have to do is start a compost pile with scraps from your kitchen with things like vegetables, paper products and noodles.
Fill up a bin in your kitchen and every few days add it to your compost pile outside.
This helps conserve environmental resources and keeps landfills free of unnecessary waste.
Now, you’re probably wondering why on earth you would do this.  Well, over time, you'll end up with free mulch.

“You're going to make that organic matter.  It doesn't have to be trucked somewhere, so you're saving fuel.  Also, it's great for the garden.  It's great for all the plants, especially vegetable plants and growing food, so you're saving money.  It’s also helping the environment in that it has a lot less impact when it comes to fertilizer,” says Mark Highland, the Organic Mechanic.

To make a healthy compost you need about two-thirds of brown material, like leaves, shrubs and twigs, and a third of green material, the scraps from your kitchen.

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