Opening Day Could Be Rather Unpleasant

You’ve been waiting for the Phillies Opening Day for ages now. You can barely contain yourself knowing that, come tomorrow, you’ll get to see Roy Halladay crush the Astros and kick off a dominant season. Well, turns out God is something of a prankster when it comes to weather patterns, so you may have to endure that first game in a delightful mix of cold rain and wet snow:

The weather forecast calls for rain and snow in the morning, with the snow ending by 10 and rain stopping around noon. By game time, the temperature is expected to be about 44 degrees and the sky will remain cloudy.

A postponement would make Saturday's 7:05 p.m. game the season opener and the Phillies and Astros most likely would make up Friday's game on Monday.

Uh oh! Clouds and a freezing drizzle? Prefect baseball weather, if you ask me. Anyway Philly2Philly is reporting that the team is determined to play on Opening Day regardless of the weather, which contradicts the report


If the rain is due to stop by mid-day, I see no reason why they can’t squeeze the game in, even if they have to postpone it until the evening. You never want to start off your season with a cancelled game. Only Zack Snyder films are more disappointing.

So gear up tomorrow if you plan on heading to the ballpark. Bring your hat and gloves and poncho and all that stuff. Unless you’re already drunk. If you’re already drunk, they could play the game in a sandstorm and you’d still be a happy camper.

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