One Year of Firsts: Eat Vegetarian

Day 32

Lu Ann Cahn

If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian. ~Paul McCartney

I respect my vegetarian friends. I'm impressed with them for having the fortitude and determination not to eat anything that might run swim or fly away if they had a chance. They suggested this First.

Still, I am a meat eater. I grew up in a household where my mother bought a huge freezer for the basement so we could buy a half a cow at a time.  My father insisted on red meat at the table every night. (yes, that's insane.)

I eat red meat infrequently now (though i am not one to turn down a great burger or filet). But no chicken, turkey, fish, eggs???....AHH. So here I am around lunch time. Photographer Dave Bentley is questioning my game plan.

Listen, I like vegetables. I just don't consider vegetables a meal.  So glad this is just for a day. Please forgive me my vegetarian friends. I'm not cut out for this.

Lu Ann Cahn is an Emmy award-winning journalist who's been in the biz for more than 30 years. She's survived motherhood, breast cancer and chasing down bad guys. Now, Lu Ann's trying to complete a year of "firsts." Can she do it? She'll be posting daily here on

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