On the way to Cape May you can fall in love with the Maurice River Diner

Enjoy the perks of this classic Jersey diner with flamboyantly outfitted hostesses, a decadent dessert case and a sleek, yet refined nouvelle look. Although, the Maurice River Diner does have a plasma TV, your best bet is to sit at the counter and enjoy stories from the road that other fellow travelers are more than willing to share.

Maurice River is one diner where you won’t be getting a bargain. Juice comes in two sizes; large (which is not very large) and small (which is definitely small). Oh, and the diner isn’t the most flexible when it comes to meal customization. Special requests do not bode well with the waitstaff, who are impatient when it comes to dealing with order changes or requesting something that’s not on the menu. However, the high prices and rigid waitstaff don’t overshadow the consistently tasty and fresh food. So, if you are looking for a reliable restaurant when you’re out on the road, the Maurice Diner won’t disappoint.

The French toast (small stack, $5.95) is nicely flavored with cinnamon and served with whipped butter. The diner does Italian right with classic ravioli and stuffed shells ($12.95) topped with melted mozzarella cheese and saut�ed spinach. The veggie burger ($8.95) is served up nicely with a generous serving of accoutrements and a side of fresh fruit. Classic diner dinners include honey dipped fried chicken, meatloaf and chicken croquettes.

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