On-Set Informant: Jamie Foxx Loves Girl Scout Cookies

This week our “Law Abiding Citizen” informant gives the scoop on where they’re filming, what celebrities are showing up to set and who loves tagalongs – the cookies, not the stalkers.

Disclaimer: This is for entertainment junkies and celebrity-stalker types. Stop here if you don’t want to read about actors eating cookies on local film sets. If you continue on and still insist on commenting about how this is not “real news,” well, you’ve been warned. And you’re annoying.

Jamie Foxx, actor and star of the F. Gary Gray film currently shooting all over Philly, brought a boatload of Girl Scout cookies to set last week for the entire cast and crew, said our on-set source. Who knows – maybe his 14-year-old daughter Corinne is a Girl Scout. He won’t let her date, so she may as well be selling cookies.

Our confidential informant could not specify whether they were all Thin Mints, or if they ran the gamut of Peanut Butter Patties to Caramel Delights. Our source is not a cookie expert.

The cast and crew will be shooting on an indoor set near the Philadelphia Airport day and night on Wednesday and then will move the action to North Philly on Thursday.

Friday’s set will be back at City Hall on Market and Broad streets.

Our CI also said he “thinks” former child star Danny Bonaduce showed up to set last week. It was either Bonaduce or some other creepy, high-intensity ginger.

For all of you true stalkers, rumor has it Foxx and his fellow cast mates have been spotted at G Lounge and Pearl during their free time in Philadelphia. But if you’re going to camp out in wait at the two clubs, at least take the time to let us know which is better: We’re taking a VOTE.

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