Olympian's Inside Look at Sochi Games: Chris Creveling

First-time Olympian Chris Creveling is ready for Sochi. The Bucks County native has been speed skating since 2007. Before that, he was an inline skater. Creveling's passion for the sport was demonstrated in his cross-country trip to Utah to join the Wheels on Ice Program, which began his Olympic journey. Chris is blogging as he participates in the Sochi Olympics. Here's his first entry:

"The games are upon us. When I arrived in Sochi I didn’t know what to expect. Now that I’ve seen everything, it is amazing and beyond what I thought was possible. Opening cerimonies are tomorrow and we are gearing up to walk as TEAM USA! Take a look at the Olympic village and keep in mind that I took these pictures a few days ago."

Check out more photos and Chris' Sochi blog here.

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