Old Recreation Center Comes Alive Again

Historic election breathes new life into old rec. center

When the rundown Penrose Recreation Center saw record voter turnout last November, it meant things there could never be the same.

"Because of huge turnout we wanted to do something that would be a special, 'Thank You!’” said Penrose Playground Supervisor Eric Rudy.

That "thank you" turned into a Martin Luther King Day of Service makeover bringing new paint and new optimism so it could host a presidential inauguration watch party.

"This project and all of us symbolize what we voted for last fall. We voted for change and hope.  But hope doesn't do anything if we just sit there.  It's only successful if we work!" said volunteer Catie Wolfgang.

Monday’s project is the first of 365 days of service projects to honor Martin Luther King, Jr. and a new president.

The center is working with Temple University’s Community Collaborative Project and the Arthur Ashe Youth Tennis and Education Program to organize the watch event.

The organizations say being able to watch the nation's first African American president take the oath of office from the resurrected Penrose Recreation Center is more than just a little symbolic.

The Penrose event is just one of many watch parties going on across the area for Tuesday’s historic inauguration. Click here to see if one is happening near you.

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