Office Party Faux Pas

Rey Martínez

The holidays are in full swing and that means that your office is probably getting ready to celebrate. And although holiday office parties are a time to let loose and hang out with your co-workers in a relaxed setting, there are some mistakes that should never, ever be made while getting down with the boss.

Go - Don’t be a scrooge and ditch the party. Unless you have a legitimate excuse (and by legitimate excuse we mean a family engagement, a wedding or something along those lines), make an appearance. While being the last one there is not a requirement, showing up should be.

Dress to Impress - Find out what other people in the office are planning to wear and plan your outfit accordingly. Fellas, jeans and sneakers are not appropriate and ladies, neither is anything too tight, too short, too low cut. No one wants to be the office floozy.

Don’t Get Hammered - Sure, have a drink or two. But 10? Inappropriate. Getting black out drunk at a work shindig is never a good idea. Do we really need to explain why?

Watch Your Mouth - You never know who made what when it comes to food at your office party, so before you talk about the disgusting brownie you just spit into your napkin, think twice, you don’t know if the person you’re talking to is the one that spent hours baking in the kitchen.

Leave the Little Ones at Home - Kids and work don’t mix. You don’t bring them to the office during the day, don’t bring ‘em at night. No one feels like listening to your kid cry about how bored they are.

We’re sure there are some faux pas that we’re forgetting, but we’re trusting you to use your good judgment. Still, let us leave you with this one last tip – whatever you’d do during a night out with former frat buddies, do the opposite (with the exception of leaving your kids at home).

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