NYC's Best Barman at The Franklin

Philly's best bar, The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., welcomes Brooklyn's best bartender, Frank "Frankie Cocktails" Cisneros, to work the rail with hometown hero Al Sotack this evening. Cisneros' regular spot, The Dram, is one of the best in the U.S., and namedropped by The New York Times and The Chicago Tribune on the regular.

Beginning at 9 p.m. The Franklin will host Cisneros. A few of his signature drinks that will be making the trip down I-95:

Amsterdam Spring
Genever, Curacao and Lemon with a sugared rim (crusta style)

Genever, cointreau, lemon, bitters (bittered daisy)

Improved Holland's Gin
Genever, absinthe, demerara, maraschino, angostura

Holland Razor Blade
Genever, lemon, simple, cayenne pepper powder

Holland Tunnel (Origin: Thomas Waugh of NY’s Death & Co.)
Genever, lemon, ginger syrup, ango, pineapple juice, soda (collins)

Franklin owner Mike Welsh said that there will surely be a few specials and surprises tonight that aren't listed here, so you might as well get yourself over to the speakeasy tonight. We'll have one of each. Thanks. [The Feast]

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