Nurse's Drug Use Sparks Hospital Investigation: DA

A local hospital is under investigation after one of its nurses made a call, from her home, to emergency services.

Shannon Zimmerman made a 9-1-1 call after she and her girlfriend injected drugs into each other’s necks and backs, according to the Montgomery County District Attorney.

Police say that when they arrived at Zimmerman’s home, they saw a marijuana pipe with residue on it, syringes and a small baggie of an off-white substance believed to be cocaine.

She allegedly told police that her girlfriend, Gabrielle Gerold, had injected both heroine and cocaine into her back and needed medical attention. Zimmerman went on to explain that she was a nurse at Eagleville Hospital and that Gerold was a former patient.

Zimmerman then allowed the cops to search her apartment where they found and seized the pipe, syringes, more than 700 pills – most of them believed to be taken from the hospital – and baggies and spoons, said police.

Upon further questioning, the nurse admitted that she took the pills from the hospital and that it was common practice at the facility to take extra pills that were intended for patients who had been discharged, according to officials.

Both woman are charged with multiple drug counts.

Eagleville Hospital CEO Maureen Pollock issued this statement at a press conference on Friday:

"From the point of notification by our local police since the beginning of this incident, the hospital has been fully cooperating, we took immediate action and we intend to continue cooperation with police."

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