Nomad Pizza Coming in Early November

It seems like we've been waiting on the Philly outpost of Hopewell, NJ's Nomad Pizza forever, but today, a rep for the dough slingers pointed out the second week of November as their start date. The oven delivery is slated for the early part of the first week of the month, and after some calibration and practice pies, we'll be allowed into the South Street space. They're settling into the old spot where Feast-fave Horizons made a home, who are just about to open their new place on 12th and Locust Streets.

The Nomads haven't been resting on their laurels, though, as they've been making appearances at every outdoor food celebration in town the last few months. We've spotted their REO Speedwagon at the last two Night Markets, the POPPED! Festival, and this weekend's Bloktoberfest on South Street. Make it a point to stop by on Saturday, you won't be disappointed.

We can't wait for this one to finally cut the ribbon, and judging by Philadelphia Inquirer critic Craig LaBan's recent chat and tweet, we're not alone. [The Feast]

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